Dr Anastasia Bem

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Dr Anastasia Bem is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and completed her Doctorate in Medicine in Bonn.

She has completed the Cardiff University Bond Solon training in Civil, Family and Criminal Law.

Dr Anastasia Bem’s specialist areas are all aspects of Paediatric health and Paediatric neuro-disability.

Dr Anastasia Bem has over 30 years of paediatric experience in neonatology, paediatrics and complex neurodisablity. She specialises in providing high-quality, holistic condition and prognosis reports in children with acquired hypoxic brain damage, cerebral palsy, and genetic disorders. She also has extensive knowledge of Autism, ADHD, congenital hearing problems and early neurological development.

She completes condition and prognosis reports relating to Paediatric neuro-disability as well as wrongful birth reports and produces 12-15 reports annually.

She is experienced in delivering evidence in Court and has done so on more than 15 occasions, both in Civil and Criminal Court settings.

Areas of Expertise

Cerebral Palsy
Genetic Disorders 
Hearing Impairment and Associated Conditions 
Hypoxia and Acquired Brain Damage

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